First Take: Cochon Butcher for Amazing, Savory Sandwiches!

Sign outside of Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, NC Triangle Dining

My week in New Orleans came with a fairly lengthy to Eat list given it was my first ever visit.  After a wonderful meal at Cochon, I felt it was NECESSARY (or maybe I'm just a piggy) to check out its little brother, Cochon Butcher.  Designed as a simple meat and sandwich shop using Cochon cured meats, this place makes for a nice alternative given how popular big brother can be.  And all I can say that while Butcher may not be as fancy and comfortable as Cochon, my first bite into one of their sandwiches was slap yourself in the face, silly and good!

Buckboard melt at Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, NC Triangle Dining

Described as the Buckboard bacon melt, this grilled beauty came wrapped in white deli paper which still couldn't keep all the butter (grease?) out.  Well-toasted to a medium-golden brown with some dark spots, the sandwich was dense and loaded with thinly sliced, smoked pork, succulent collards and melty cheese.  My first bite breaks through the crisp buttery bread and hits a savory, smoky taste sensation!  The thinly layered meat, textured collards and cheese makes for music in your mouth.  There's some sort of spicy spread also on the sandwich which kicks things up a notch.  While Cochon Butcher is certainly not cheap ($11), this sandwich transcends most anything else I have tried.  One of those toe-curling good meals which makes you just tap your feet in happiness!  A large side of fresh potato salad was also decent but not quite so memorable.

nterior of Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, NC Triangle Dining

Cochon Butcher is definitely for those who are hip and in the know when it comes to food.  This small packed space has a constant flow of business-types, tattoo'ed types and everyone in between, paying homage to the delicious foodie gods.  My food took about 15 or so minutes to come out, not a problem when what Butcher delivers is soooo good.  While I can't imagine eating here every week (my meal ran close to $18 with side and drink), it's definitely worth a once or twice a month lunch visit!  Just save up your dollars and make sure you try the wonderful sammiches at Cochon Butcher.  And I'm pretty sure you'll be doing a little happy food dance inside, after your first bite!  Bon appetit...


Cochon Butcher

930 Tchoupitoulas Street

New Orleans, LA 70130



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