Cocktails and Food at Clockwork on S. Glenwood

Mirror bar at Clockwork, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

With the alcohol laws in North Carolina, you typically have restaurants and restaurants with bars.  But you don't always have bars with restaurants, if you know what I mean!  But recently on S. Glenwood, a new spot has opened up that walks the line between bar and restaurant pretty neatly: Clockwork. 

Entrance to Clockwork, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

Located on a side-street from the main Glenwood strip, Clockwork is a funky, psychedelic scene with very cool decor.  From the outside they've got a brightly lit arrow sign to let you know you've got something special inside!  Inside you'll be stuck by the rich, eye-popping decor ranging from black and white geometric patterns, a table of melted candles, a chromed torso of a mannequin, rich front room with roll-up garage door. Really an unusual and fun little space, from what I understand the owner used to own the lounge-dance club Mosquito and the decor is a bit club-like.  Clockwork feels to me like a bit of San Francisco: mostly bar with some small plates and bites to keep you going.  The menu has a handful of appetizers, pizzas and sandwiches including an interesting pie with jalapenos, mandarin oranges and pistachio!  I go with the more subdued Poulty-in-Motion: pesto sauce, roast chicken, sun-dried tomato with Gorgonzola and mozzarella.

Chicken pesto pizza at Clockwork, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

It takes a bit of time for my pizza and it looks great when it finally comes out.  It's a 10 - 12" pie and plenty for one person.  Thinnish crust and plenty of cheese on top.  The pesto base makes for a great contrast to the rich cheese and tender chicken on top. A very nice bar-type pizza.  My other visits have been for drinks but I've got my eyes on the fried cauliflower and meatloaf sandwich for next time.  Staff at Clockwork is equally funky as the decor and food, tattooed types and quite good at the service game.  And the owner is often here, schmoozing with customers and making sure things are going well, the place feels like a neighborhood spot.  The crowd is a bit older, probably more in the 30 - 50 range but I haven't been here late night so things could change.

Garage door rolled up at Clockwork in Raleigh, NC Triangle Dining

All in all I'm pretty happy with this new additions to my neighborhood.  South Glenwood has plenty of restaurants, clubs and pubs but slowly these bar-restaurants are coming onto the scene which to me is a bit more urban to me.  So yeah, a big round of applause to our watering and eating hole in the hood!  I'm pretty sure Clockwork will keep you happily satisfied with beer, cocktails and some decent plates to tide you over, bon appetit!



519 W. North Street

Raleigh, NC 27605



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Clockwork - Reviewer: Ron Wen - Rating: 4 out of 5 stars