A Slice of New York in Cary, Cozzolino's Pizza!

Meat lover's pie at Cozzolinos NY Pizza in Cary, NC Triangle Dining

(Updated on 2/15/15) When I first got to Raleigh I quickly learned that Cary as an acronym stood for Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.  But in my opinion, it should stand for Containment Area for Really Yummy (Pizza)!   Yeah, I guess they can't rename the city to Caryp but I tried!  So in addition to all those Yankee logos and a bit of attitude, we do have to be thankful for all the great pizza that New Yorkers and New Jersey people have brought to the Triangle.  Because thin-crust is really where it's at in my world and Cary is dishing out some of the best.  And when you can eat pizza, five days a week like me, it's important to find the best.  Yes, you could do the wonderful, artisan pies at Bella Mia or go old-school with the NY Pizza chain, but here's one that may have slipped under your pizza radar screen.

Front of Cozzolinos NY Pizza in Cary, NC Triangle Dining

In addition to the well-named NY Pizza and Ruckus Pizza on Tryon Road, don't miss out on Cozzolino's! Further off the beaten path at the intersection of Kildaire Farm and Penny Road is Cozzolino's NY Style Pizza. The plaza housing Cozzolino's is run-down with a defunct Food Lion front and center along with well-worn and cracked pavement failing due to lack of maintenance. TV's playing ESPN and little formica tables topped with red pepper and grated cheese. But don't let the looks deceive you. The guys running this place are great and super service-oriented.

$6 lunch special at Cozzolinos NY Pizza in Cary, NC Triangle Dining

Grab a couple of slices along with two bread-sticks, marinara sauce for, wait for this... for $6! Yeah, I gotta believe the rent is pretty low here but that is an amazing price for what you're going to get, lunch special only. We're talking $6 tax included, just hand over a couple of bills. We're talking about two largish slices with a nice amount of topping. I've done the pepperoni, sausage and beef which have all been good. The crust at Cozzolino's is thin and excellent. They burn it a bit giving it a bit of chew which I'm ok with. The bread-sticks are totally excessive at this point but hey, they're decent too.

Counter at Cozzolinos NY Pizza in Cary, NC Triangle Dining

So next time you're in Cary, don't miss out on Cozzolino's. if you're a fan of NY pizza. While I enjoy Mellow Mushroom from time to time, it really doesn't get any better than real thin-crust pizza if you're an aficionado. Add some sausage, pepperoni, meatball or peppers and I'm in seventh heaven!  Just don't expect too much Southern charm behind the counter which is fine if you want some great za!  What you'll get is a bit of NYC tude along with some amazingly good pizza.  And that is more than enough when you're a pizza freak like I am, buon appetite!


Cozzolino's NY Pizza

2982 Kildaire Farm Roa

Cary, NC 27518



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