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Pho Pho Pho, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

When it comes to Vietnamese food, I'm sort of a pho-natic!  Love the flavors of this cuisine and the variety of forms it comes in.  So I was a wee bit excited to hear about the opening  of Pho Pho Pho Noodle Kitchen + Bar right down the street from me on S. Glenwood!  While I usually prefer my Vietnamese food in grungy environs, there's nothing wrong with amping up the experience with some nice decor and service, right?  Here's how my visit to Pho Pho Pho on its official opening day went off...

Dining room at Pho Pho Pho, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

Located right off S. Glenwood central, Pho Pho Pho sits in the spot that used to house Oryx and a bevy of short-lived businesses.  With an inset doorway and minimal signage (right now) you have to look for Pho Pho Pho at 510 Glenwood.  Inside yoyu've got a hostess stand, small side room and then a large open dining room with bar.  High ceilings and casual cafe metal chairs line the space.  There's a hip and casual feel to Pho Pho Pho reflected in their staff.  I grab a seat at the bar and a beer, I just planned on doing a drive-by to see the new space. 

Pho Pho Pho menu, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

But no surprise, I don't have much willpower when it comes to Vietnamese foods so the wings will have to wait.  Appetizers at Pho Pho Pho run from $6 to $9 while entrees and sandwiches from from $7 to $14, very reasonable!  I go with my usual: summer rolls and a pork banh mi.  Pho Pho Pho has the menu on chalkboards ringing the perimeter of the dining space, pretty cool! 

Summer roll app at Pho Pho Pho, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

The cold summer rolls come out first and the plate signals to me that Pho Pho Pho is doing things differently!  The rolls are chopped and served in pieces for easy eating.  Tender rice paper wrapper stuffed with noodles, pork, lettuce and served with a spicy sauce.  Very tasty stuff but definitely a spin on the traditional version. 

Banh mi at Pho Pho Pho, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

The banh mi shows up next and it's a lightweight sandwich: thin, cold roast pork with the daikon, carrot, jalapeno, cilantro and home-made mayo.  It's a tasty bite but not very substantial due to the thin slices of meat.  I love my banh mi and if you can check out my Triangle Banh Mi Challenge post, you can see that the sammiches at Pho Pho Pho are very different and a lot smaller. 

Bar at Pho Pho Pho, Raleigh- NC Triangle Dining

Service at Pho Pho Pho was fine as well as it should be given I was customer #2!  So welcome to the neighborhood, Pho Pho Pho. You've got the basic taste and flavor profile of delicious Vietnamese food but spun around for more hip and Western tastes.  I'd have to guess that Pho Pho Pho is to Vietnamese food as to Kimbap is to Korean food.  You'll probably like the eats at Pho Pho Pho even if they are non-traditional.  And certainly a welcome addition to the Glenwood South neighborhood...


Pho Pho Pho Noodle Kitchen + Bar

510 Glenwood Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27605



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